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As a holiday destination, there are many things to do in Portugal. This beautiful country offers a mix of bustling cities, stunning coastal towns, fascinating history, unique culture and plenty of leisure activities. From Porto to the Algarve, there are holidays to Portugal for all tastes. Rent a villa in Portugal and explore spectacular scenery, relax on idyllic beaches or experience one of its exciting cities.

Sitting on the western border of the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal is famous for its impressive landscapes. The country is characterised by striking mountain ranges and 1794 kilometres of beautiful coastline. Located on the Atlantic Ocean, the influences of those who have settled in the country over the years has led to its unique culture and traditions beautifully reflected in its cuisine, architecture and way of life. 

Portugal is made up of five main regions and two islands (Azores and Madeira). With such a diverse offering, whether you seek a beach-filled holiday or a trip to a cosmopolitan city, find villas in Portugal ideal for romantic breaks, family holidays and group getaways.

Weather in Portugal

The weather in Portugal varies depending on the altitude and proximity to the coast. In general, Portugal enjoys a year-round pleasant climate. Temperatures increase the further south you choose to stay. In the winter the country experiences a significant amount of rain coming across the Atlantic but temperatures remain significantly higher than other European destinations. In the North and more mountainous regions, the weather is generally cooler, especially during winter months. The hottest destinations in Portugal tend to be Lisbon, the Algarve and the Alentejo, with temperatures climbing to around 35-40c in the summer. Generally, coastal areas experience higher humidity than those located inland.

Beaches in Portugal

Portugal is home to truly spectacular beaches. From the Algarve region in the south, famous for its stretches of golden sand, dramatic cliffs and turquoise waters to the wilder Atlantic shores, with rugged landscapes and rolling waves attracting surfers from all over the world. 

Some of the best beaches in Portugal can be found in the Algarve, making it one of the most popular destinations for a beach holiday in Portugal. This part of the coastline is synonymous with dramatic cliffs, peculiar rock formations, long stretches of golden sand and secluded coves. Rent a beach villa in the Algarve in the most popular destinations such as Faro or Lagos, and spend time relaxing, dining and exploring these vibrant towns.

If you are looking for beaches with more rugged beauty, rent a villa on the Costa Verde. Portugal’s green coast is full of unspoilt beaches characterised by long stretches of white sand, dramatic emerald mountains and the crashing waves of the Atlantic. The beaches here are less crowded and also popular with surfers. This region also has many charming towns waiting to be explored.

Culture & history in Portugal

In the 15th and 16th centuries, Portugal was a powerful maritime empire. In the centuries before this, many different civilisations occupied the land. Rent a villa in Portugal to explore the country’s unique culture, influenced by its colourful history. Visit ancient architectural masterpieces, vibrant towns and cities and indulge on Portuguese cuisine.

One of the best places to experience Portuguese culture is in the capital city. Rent a holiday apartment in Lisbon and soak up all that the city has to offer. From the bustling nightlife in the district of Bairro Alto to the city’s most iconic monument – Torre de Belém. Lisbon is fast becoming Europe’s most popular city break destination. 

Porto is Portugal’s second-largest city, steeped in the country’s history. This city oozes Portuguese tradition. Wander around the Ribeira Barrio – Porto’s authentic, historic neighbourhood. Admire and the colourful houses, sample traditional food and visit historic landmarks.

Nature & outdoors in Portugal

The varied landscapes in Portugal demonstrate spectacular and truly stunning scenery. From impressive mountain ranges to picturesque beaches, the country is a colourful display of emerald hills, turquoise coastlines and burnt orange terrains. 

A holiday villa in Portugal is a great choice for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Wake up in the morning and hit the hiking trails of Peneda Gerês, grab your surfboard and head one of the beaches in Peniche, explore the lush forests of Madeira or wine valleys in the region of Douro. 

Rent a holiday villa in Lagos, known for its unique rock formations, impressive sandstone cliffs that protect a series of sea caves, and weirdly shaped grottoes. Or choose to stay on the island of the Azores, with unparalleled natural beauty consisting of lush green hills paired with bright blue waters.

Food in Portugal

The gastronomy in Portugal is an integral part of their culture and a closely guarded secret. Portuguese food is rich, varied and based on the premise of using the freshest ingredients in traditional recipes. Much of Portuguese food is based around the abundance of fresh fish available from the Atlantic. Other distinctive features in Portuguese cuisine are their locally produced olive oil, table wines, fresh fruit and vegetables, mountain cheeses and Protected Denomination of Origin (DOP) – meats from local breeds such as the Bísaro pig and black pig. One of the most famous traditional Portuguese foods is the ‘pastel de nata’ or ‘custard tart,’ a sweet treat that locals enjoy with a coffee.

Why rent a holiday villa in Portugal?

Holiday rentals in Portugal are a fantastic and inexpensive alternative to staying in a hotel. All our apartments and villas in Portugal have been carefully selected to ensure they are to the highest standard and in the best locations.

There are many benefits of choosing to rent a villa in Portugal. Enjoy the privacy, space and comfort of having your own pool, kitchen and living areas. Experience the freedom that comes with private holiday rentals. Come and go as you please, exploring the local area, beaches and attractions. Soak up the sun in your villa’s garden, savour long balmy evenings on your terrace and bathe in your private pool. Renting a villa in Portugal is also often the cheapest way to enjoy a holiday with the whole family or as a group of friends.

Whether you seek somewhere nestled in the mountains, a modern apartment in the heart of the city or a villa overlooking the Atlantic, Sunny Rentals has the pick of the best holiday accommodation in Portugal to suit all tastes and all budgets. 

Sunny Rentals is a trusted platform and a market leader in the holiday rental industry. Rent holiday apartments and villas in Portugal safely and securely through private verified homeowners. Many of our homeowners are locals, on hand and proud to share their knowledge of the area with their guests. Our friendly support team at Sunny Rentals is also here to guide you on any questions you may have about your holiday to Portugal. We look forward to hearing from you.

…Enjoy your stay!